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Are you at a stage in life where your looking to secure an opportunity where your able to have control over ALL your decisions and success and to be able to operate off-grid from any location, whether it’s from your home office, motorhome or on a deserted island?

By transitioning your current job or business (new or existing) to an online space through an online business, you’ll stand to gain enormously by offering your products and services online without any strings (or bosses) attached.

With King Kong Brands, being able to work from home or any location is definitely a reality through our range of start-up online business solutions which give you the foundations to grow and maintain a successful financial future.


1. Work from Anywhere

You don’t need to be stuck in an office or even at home to work. Thanks to the digital era, you can be anywhere in the world and still work effectively if you’ve got a way to get online. You can be in a motorhome in the rural countryside and still get work done for your client in the city. Travel all you want, whenever you want to without asking for permission! Isn’t that everyone’s dream job?

2. You’ll be able to save a ton of money

And it’s not just the savings from your commute. You’ll no longer need to buy those tight suits to march into work every day. You will see significant savings in food-related expenses since you no longer have to be rushing around to get to the office before 9 in the morning! You can even start eating healthy, homecooked meals instead of rushing to the nearest McDonald’s all the time.

3. Set your own schedule

Are you tired of sticking to a 9-5 schedule? Running an online business means you can set your schedule on your own terms. Feel like napping all of a sudden? Go for it! Want to write a new musical composition in the middle of the afternoon? No one’s gonna stop you! Do what you want, when the idea strikes you. You get only this one life – Seize the moment when inspiration strikes!

4. Focus more on your personal relationships

Let’s just admit it – In today’s world, jobs have taken over our lives completely. Our only solace lies in the weekends, which are subject to cancelation at any time on the boss’s whim. But by working online, you now have the power to reserve time for your loved ones more. You’ll have more energy and time to spare for them and that’s totally worth it!

To say the world is changing is an understatement…

Millions of people have lost their jobs and others are adjusting to working at home indefinitely, leaving confusion and uncertainty in its wake.

Now more than ever people feel insecure, are looking for ways to take back control, and are asking themselves:

How Can I Make Extra Money Online?

With many physical businesses shutting down and going out of business, people are questioning what the future will look like.

It seems more people than ever before are starting side hustles, creating additional revenue streams, and building online businesses to have some control over their financial futures.

But even with all that’s going on in this “new world”, there’s still one thing that’s thriving - ecommerce.

The potential for ecommerce will just keep growing…

Ecommerce businesses are booming even though other businesses are being forced to close their doors. And they’re only on track to continue growing!

In fact, global ecommerce sales are expected to grow another 50% by 2025…in just the next 3 years alone! As online shopping booms into a 7.4 trillion dollar industry, it continues to prove that “borderless ecommerce” is the future of business.

Which means now could be the perfect time for you to get into ecommerce…

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The King Kong Brands team have over two decades of experience in running profitable multi-million dollar online businesses. We have helped hundreds of people all with little to no experience create successful work from home businesses, so you don’t have to do it alone.

Avoid making expensive mistakes trying to learn how to run a successful business, our proven solution will get you up and running quickly and easily with our one-to-one coaching and proven business training. Enter the market with all the research, suppliers, website creation, marketing tools and training you need to be successful with our ready-to-go online businesses for sale.

The Same Proven Success Framework That's Already Worked For Hundreds Of New Entrepreneurs


    We provide you with current Market Statistics in your chosen niche, giving you detailed data on the markets sales, purchase age demographics, what type of products are most sort after. We Identify needs, wants, and requirements of your market.


    We completely customise your store with our own developer UX designed Shopify theme based on what is working now, what is converting & what is the best layout for your customer experience in your niche, Don't waste months, years trying to figure this out or paying thousands for a design that's not proven. We do it all for you!


    We research your competitors to provide you insight into their products, sales, and marketing tactics, enabling you to stay atop of current industry trends

    Based off our market research and competitor analysis in your niche we Identify the customer’s pain point. We connect with suppliers add products that can potentially solve their problem right onto your store. These products are hand selected and chosen specifically that convert into sales.


    We create a visual structure to make it easy for you to maintain brand consistency and market recognition as you grow your brand and business.


    Launching a online business doesn’t come with an instruction manual—until now!! We share a comprehensive daily plan for launching your business, starting at the very beginning, be making sales in less than 28 days.


    We rank your site on google with quality onpage Search Engine Optimisation with collection articles, product videos, Image optimisation along with hundreds of sort after backlinks ensuring your products are found organically. Our unique Search Engine Optimisation practices have been fine tuned over many years and designed to bring hundreds of eyeballs on your product offerings to generate sales in the short term and into the future.


    We have you covered with our Management Blueprint. To keep you on track towards your financial goal , there are daily, weekly and monthly tasks you need to do to stay focused. Our Blueprint has helped many clients outperform their business goals..


    We’ll explain every, single aspect of your website, step by step in a COMPLETE digital walkthrough of your ENTIRE system. We’ll show you EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW about your Shopify dashboard, your merchant gateway setup, your automation dashboard, Setting up your Facebook ad account and LITERALLY everything else.


    We provide 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring via zoom calls throughout the entire process. We keep you on track and work with you through the launch phase into the growth Phase. We're passionate about working with you 1 on 1 helping you achieve your goals.


    We have been selling online for over 20 years turning over millions of dollars. We share our success throughout the entire process


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    If you want results King Kong Brands are amazing. I was working in the insurance industry and was fed-up slaving 9 to 8 . Im 6 weeks in and near hit 30k for the month. I could not have done this without scott and mick . So happy ! Calen 

    Hey Jac here , I have been using the services of King Kong Brands for 18 months , best decision of my life! i am now doing multiple 6 figures each month. If you have a Shopify store or want to start one i highly recommend you talk to Mick & Scott. Kick Ass!!

    Stop doing outdated courses! Put systems in place that automate your processes. King Kong Brands are the bomb, they not only build and train you but consult you along the journey . I highly recommend Mick and Scott as they have helped me take a dream to reality . Kelly

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    *Disclaimer: The potential earnings guide provided on this website and PDF is general in nature and does not constitute what the business will earn. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individuals business skills, personal ambition, time, financial commitment, activity and demographic factors & King Kong Brands have no control over what a business will or won’t earn. King Kong Brands provide you with a business idea, shopping cart website & business services to help you launch the new online store.