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Results Are Amazing...Skeptical?
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If you are anything like us… we are always skeptical of any sales page or service offering.
We think to ourselves, will we see real results here…. or will this work for me.. can these guys even prove that their systems and processes online work!! 
So rather than telling you how good your results can be, with fun facts on how awesome our brand building is, or how damn good our store builds are, or how awesome the brand & store converts!! 
We are going to show you live in action right now!!

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Complete eCommerce Solutions

Skip the guesswork, trial-and-error and never-ending shit show of trying to figure everything out yourself – for the very first time. And instead, grow your business with proven complete eCommerce solutions, customer converting stores, branding frameworks and scientific researched data (not hopes and prayers)

A Letter From The Founders

Dear business Starter, We get it. 

Knowing what eCommerce business model to choose is hard. Really hard. 
You’re probably worried is it the right decision for you and your family. .  
Stressed and sleeping like a teething two-year-old.
As your hair goes fifty-shades-of-grey from all the uncertainty. 

And to top it all off. You’re being pulled in a bazillion and one directions. 
Should I have an affiliate site? Start a print-on-demand brand? Sell services online?
Document my whole flippin’ life on blogs and Videos? 
What about Amazon? 
Everrrrrrrybody’s talkin’ bout Amazon…lemme give ‘em a go. 
Actually….should I do crypto? Or drop $5k on a online course? 
Look, most entrepreneurs have a bad case of shiny object syndrome, mixed with a scoop of ADD… and a sprinkle of “I can do everything”. 

And they end up doing a little bit of this…a little bit of that. 

Soon, they’re tearing out their hair with all the things they “have to” do. 

We call this shit show, a “rats nest”. 

Also known as hell. 

It’s hot and muggy there. 

And we’d rather put pins in our eyeballs than operate a business that way. 

But this isn’t about us… It’s about you. 

You’re reading this right now because, in some way shape or form, you're not happy with your current situation or where you like to be. 

Even though you put in a backbreaking amount of effort… 

Working hard for the boss, not making enough money, Pushing, shoving, scratching, clawing and hustling your face off making someone else rich. 

Or maybe you’re flying…and you simply want more. 

More security. 

More money. 

More freedom. 

More memories. 

More time with your family. 

More holidays with your spouse to places that result in more sand between your toes. 

Whatever it is for you… 

We’ve got good news for you… 

‘Cause soon you’ll be feeling like “hey, I got this”. 

You’ll be waking up every morning to an inbox that’s bursting with sale notifications. 

You’ll own an eCommerce brand that not only you, your friends, family and customers love, but more importantly your accountant loves! 

Regardless of what’s going on with the economy. 

And you won’t have to spend your weekends worrying about work anymore. 

Everything will be dialled in and running smoothly. 

You’ll be in control and a sense of calm will wash over you. 

And it all starts by “choosing your own adventure” below or booking a free
no obligation strategy call directly with ourselves...we would love to speak with you.

Mick Parkhill

Co Founder of King Kong Brands

Scott Matthews

Co Founder of King Kong Brands

How is King Kong Brands different and
how can we help?  

Meet Founders Mick Parkhill & Scott Matthews

Our passion is helping people with any level of experience create an income stream for themselves and their family, regardless of what their background is and we believe this can be achieved within the eCommerce industry.

We started with our own online stores 20+ years ago, YES 20+ YEARS AGO so we know the failures and success of eCommerce and we love to share our experience.

We operate with a different purpose, part agency, part coaching & consulting, everything we do comes from our single mission: to help you grow a Brand That Matters Into A Significant eCommerce Business!

Our team focuses on helping people start eCommerce businesses, we help grow their store and brand with our automated systems & help investors build out a portfolio of eCommerce assets that can outperform traditional investments like real estate and stocks. We believe that success is achieved via the perfect blend of art and science – design and function – brand and business.

We are one of the only companies around that offer a complete eCommerce solution packaged with face-to-face tailored coaching for each and every client. Every successful person has a coach or mentor, and this is one of our unique differences to what is offered elsewhere.

    What Are Others Already  Saying About 'King Kong Brands'

    Steven made additional $13,178 In 7 Days

  • " Week by week I watch my sales grow, we are growing far beyond my expectations! After having tried to do so much myself I know its not an easy task. It was not until I teamed up with King Kong Brands that the traffic simply just started converting into sales in a short amount of time."

    Steven Mcilwrath - Founder at 300 Max

    Kims customers just keep coming back

  • " When we were looking at the online space as a new revenue we did our research and were recommended to Mick and Scott at King Kong Brands and wow we have we been impressed with the entire process of taking our idea to building a brand that is now growing constantly week in week out. They are completely communicative and so helpful in our journey and we too can highly recommend King Kong Brands."

    Kim Brown - Founder at Zs Cotton Confections

    Kem started with zero knowledge

  • " I had never run a business before so I needed all the training & help I could get setting up my custom store. The Training Hub has been fantastic with all the information you need broken down into sections with clear and easy to follow instructions & videos of all the steps you need to implement. The one-on-one Skype training is invaluable. A Super special mention to Scott who was amazing every step of the way. I practically started making sales from day one, I'm so impressed"

    Kem Oliver - Founder CEO at Boating Camping Fishing

Turn Our Online Systems Into A Revenue Generating Powerhouse In Just A Short Amount Of Time

By focusing on our core systems and branding, we’ve engineered the perfect combination which will allow you to build and scale your new or existing brand to generate consistently 6 figures plus, no matter your level of experience or technical skill within digital commerce. Leverage off success!
This is NOT a course and it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced - This is a real done for you business!

Step 1: Book A Call

Book a direct phone call with our ourselves and see if our systems will work for you.

Step 2: Strategy Session

Lets sit down face to face, strategize and get you started on your eCommerce journey.

Step 3: We Work Together

We will work together to build, launch and grow your ecommerce store & asset.

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    Complete Beginners

    Looking to change your lifestyle and work from anywhere? From idea conception to generating automated sales for your store completely done for you. Our system is not a course it's a ready to go business.

    Established Ecomm Stores

    Have an existing store you would like to take to the next level with conversions, sales and massive customer retention.. Our Conversion Optimization will take your business to the next level.

    Asset Builders

    Would you like to expand your eCommerce portfolio? Get awesome returns on your investment with our pre-built stores that are ready to generate sales fast. 

    Why King Kong Brands? 

    Remove The Guess Work 

    Using our results orientated process that have created success for ourselves & clients, we take all the guess work out of the equation for your ecommerce business.

    We Take Away The Stress

    We build and help you grow your brand so that you do not have to spend time stressing about products & building a store to the highest quality in the shortest time.

    Partner With Success

    With over 20+ years digital commerce experience, we know how to create eCommerce stores that generate the highest conversion rates and provide the best ROI. 

    One On One Coaching

    Creating a successful store can be challenging, it is why we guide you in the right direction to enable your success with ease and reach goals within your business. 

    Heavy Lifting Done For You 

    You can focus on growing your business not working in it! With automation you can create multiple eCommerce assets in a variety of different markets and niches.

    Grow Your eCommerce Asset

    You will have access to expert traffic outreach, you will know exactly how to run, maintain & scale a successful business and consistently bring in over 6-7 figures a year.

    Before King Kong Brands It Was A Nightmare

    Starting an ecommerce business is hard work and demands many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time for long term results.

  • Researching your market is time consuming 

  • Finding the right products to sell is not easy

  • Once you start selling there is so much time involved in managing orders, inventory, pricing, returns

  • Forward thinking is difficult when your snowed under with day to day tasks

  • Having no professional training and support was hard

  • With King Kong Brands I Was Making Money On Auto-pilot

    This is a gamechanger, finally I know the true secrets of running a successful ecommerce brand.

  • The done for me market research placed my business months ahead

  • Created a system that helps me make money while I'm enjoying life with my family

  • The automation software saved me countless hours of being of front of the computer all the time

  • I have a plan, I know what I'm doing & I know where I'm heading

  • Having a team support and train me gave me the confidence and made it simple & straightforward

  • Luckily for you, you are not alone and today you can get access to King Kong Brands. We are one of the only companies that offer a complete launch eCommerce solution!

    What The Elite 1% Are Saying About Us!

    "Very easy to work with"

    "Mick and Scott know their stuff they helped take our business to the next level with ease. If your looking to launch and scale your business we highly recommend their services"

    Ash and Em - Founders, Lily & Lime 

    "My 3rd store with King Kong"

    "In the past 24 months I have launched 3 stores with King Kong Brands and I could not be happier. Scott , Mick and the team just keep on delivering "

    Bruce H- Founder, Keep On Running Inc.

    "Just what I needed"

    "King Kong Brands gave me the power to have more free time yet make more sales and grow my business in an unexpectedly short amount of time."

    Rachel T - CEO, Eco Store.

    If you want results King Kong Brands are amazing. I was working in the insurance industry and was fed-up slaving 9 to 8 . Im 6 weeks in and near hit 30k for the month.  I could not have done this without Scott and  Mick .

    So happy !


    Hey Jac here , I have been using the services of King Kong Brands for 18 months , best decision of my life! I am now doing multiple 6 figures each month. If you have a Shopify store or want to start one  I highly recommend you talk to Mick & Scott.

    Kick Ass!!

    Stop doing outdated courses! Put systems in place that automate your processes. King Kong Brands are the bomb, they not only build and train you but consult you along the journey . I highly recommend Mick and Scott as they have helped me take a dream to reality .


    We Will Launch Your Business In Niches Like These & Many More

    What's The Best Time to Start an Ecommerce Store? Right Now! The Ecommerce Industry Is Booming Like Never Before.

    Your slice of the $6.5 TRILLION market...

    According to Statista, eCommerce is growing globally at an unstoppable rate. By 2023, it is expected to surpass a total of $6.5 TRILLION!For those of you that are unsure how many zeros are in trillions, it’s $6,500,000,000,000!

    • Revenue from retail e-commerce in the United States was estimated at roughly 768 billion U.S. dollars in 2021

    • The Statista Digital Market Outlook forecasts that by 2025, online shopping revenue in the U.S. will exceed 1.3 trillion dollars.

    • The eCommerce industry is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses still don’t have a website.

    If you’re thinking the future looks bright for those selling products online, these stats definitely back that up!  

    • From January to September 2021, U.S. retail e-commerce sales amounted to almost 652 billion U.S. dollars. Sales revenue from April to June of that year neared 222 billion dollars, the most successful quarter that year so far. Overall, retail e-commerce sales outdid the quarterly sales records registered in 2020.



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